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ALWAYS call 811 before you dig to have underground lines located.
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Revised 12/01/16

Every person or company requesting utility service must come into our office, complete an application, and post a security deposit as set forth below:

One service
(Gas, Sewer, or Water)
$100.00 effective 12/01/16
Two or more services $150.00 effective 12/01/16
Residential & Comm. Trash $ 15.00 effective 01/14/87
Ghent Trash $ 22.50 effective 11/01/10
Campbellsburg Trash $ 25.00 effective 06/01/07
Commercial Gas, Water & Sewer 2 months average bill effective 03/06/84
Regional Residential Sewer only $100.00 effective 12/01/05

Any person requesting service and having unsatisfactory credit history with Carrollton Utilities in the past 2 years can be required to post a double deposit.

Upon termination of service, the security deposit will be applied toward any unpaid balance. Any deposit remaining will be refunded without interest. Security deposits may be returned without interest if a customer has paid his utility bills by the due date for the past 12 consecutive months. If bills have not been paid promptly, the deposit will be held and reviewed in 6 month intervals.

Utility bills are issued monthly around the 10th with a due date of the 20th. Payments can be made via mail to: Carrollton Utilities, P.O. Box 269, Carrollton, KY 41008, in person at 225 6th Street, by automatic bank draft, or online above. You may also call our automated system to pay bills by phone at 1-877-209-8480. There is no charge for this service. Credit/Debit cards may be used as form of payment online at our website, in person at our office, or through our automated phone system. Gas budget billing is available once 12 months of history has been created.

Late Fees
A 3% late fee will be assessed on gas, water, and sewer charges if full payment is not made by the due date.

Return Check Fee
A $28 fee will be charged on all returned checks.
A $40 fee will be charged on all returned ACH payments.

After-Hours Emergencies
Carrollton Utilities can be reached after normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm) by calling 502-732-6621 for emergency situations only.

Turn On Fees
A $50 fee shall be charged when Carrollton Utilities' personnel must make a trip to a structure for a non-payment reconnect or reconnect other than initial turn on within the city limits.

A $75 fee shall be charged when Carrollton Utilities' personnel must make a trip to a structure for a non-payment reconnect or reconnect other than initial turn on outside the city limits.

A $35 fee may be charged when Carrollton Utilities' personnel must make a trip to a structure after normal business hours.

Customers with only sanitary sewer service can be charged additional fees for reconnection due to non-payment based on agreements with the water district supplying water service.

Gas Line Repair
A $350 minimum charge will be issued to repair damaged gas lines due to negligence of excavator. Extraordinary circumstnaces will be charged time and material for repair. Always call 811 nationwide before you dig to have underground utility lines located.

Utility service may be cut off by Carrollton Utilities at any time and without notice to the customer for the following reasons:
  • A dangerous condition or act of God
  • Non-compliance with the rules & regulations of Carrollton Utilities and Kentucky Law
  • Refusal to permit Carrollton Utilities to inspect the customer meter or service or give Carrollton Utilities access to the property for purposed of inspecting or servicing the meter or service
  • Tampering with meter or service
  • Fraudulent use of the meter or service

Carrollton Utilities can discontinue service for non-payment of the utility bill after a customer is ten (10) days delinquent. A second notice will be mailed the day following the due date giving 7 days to pay in full. If the charges are not paid by the end of the 10 day period, service shall be discontinued. Full payment of all charges on the account, regardless of due date, applicable turn on fees and security deposit must be paid in full to restore service.

It is the responsibility and obligation of a customer using service from Carrollton Utilities to:

  • Pay the bill on or before the due date. Failure to receive a bill does not void penalties for late payment and service Disconnection
  • Allow Carrollton Utilities’ employees on the property to inspect and/or service meters or service line
  • Report any defective or damaged meter or service line
  • Notify Carrollton Utilities of any dangerous condition affecting service to the property or endangering the customer and other persons
  • Keep a 3 foot area clear around meters, do not plant shrubs in front of meters and contain pets that may harm the meter readers
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of Carrollton Utilities
  • Arrange to meet utility personnel at mutually agreed upon time for service connection or maintenance. Failure to do so, could require payment of applicable turn on fees.

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